Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 7...I think

Still going strong!! Today was 45 minutes and I'm down 2.1lbs. Yea!! For some reason my Wii Fit age went from 29 to 44 though. I think it's cause I screwed up one of the balance tests. Oh well. Tomorrow maybe it will dorp down again.

I did the 6 minutes straight of hula hoops. Can we say ouch?? By the end I could barely move my hips. I also got to try more of the boxing and unlocked the 2nd level of it. Wow...there are some fancy moves on that one. Good thing there was nothing around to trip over. You those Mii's like to tirp when they run. Hehe

Guess thats it though....I'm going to snap some video maybe tomorrow or Wednesday and actually looking forward to weighing in on Friday. Course it helps when you don't weigh as much as you thought you did and the number goes down.

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